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Teach Like It's Music: An Artful Approach to Education—Doug Goodkin

Ideas and details as to how to make music classes—and all classes—more musical and flowing with an artful shape and design.

Doug Goodkin & the Pentatonics: Boom Chick a Boom: Jazz for All Ages

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James Harding: From Wibbleton to Wobbleton: Adventures with the Elements of Music and Movement

Bringing Orff Schulwerk alive with creative play

Doug Goodkin: All Blues - Jazz for the Orff Ensemble 

Combining jazz education with the dynamic approach of Orff Schulwerk

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Sofia Lopez-Ibor: Blue is the Sea
Teaching the Whole Child Through Music:Visual Arts


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INTERY MINTERY: Nursery Rhymes for Body, Voice and Orff Ensemble
Features 48 arrangements and activities for preschool and elementary, usable by both music and language arts teachers.



The ABCs of EducationA provocative look at the ways in which today's schools are failing our children, and what teachers can do to restore the promise of education"Doug Goodkin is among the leaders of a fast growing movement of educators working to touch the innate, deep desires of children to learn about their world through direct personal engagement and experience..."
--Jerry Mander, Author: "In the Absence of the Sacred" and "Alternatives to Globalization: A Better World is Possible

Now's The Time: Jazz for All Ages - Companion CD set for the book.
Two CDs, 42 pieces of all arrangements in the book plus bonus tracks, performed by The San Francisco School Orff Ensembles.

Now's the Time - Teaching Jazz to all Ages

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  • Name Games: Alfred Pub: 20 musical ways to learn names and create compositions
  • A Rhyme in Time: Alfred Pub: 20 activities for music and language arts development
  • Sound Ideas: Alfred Pub: Activities for percussion circle based on Multiple Intelligences
  • Play, Sing and Dance: An Introduction to Orff Schulwerk: Schott Publishers: A comprehensive look at the various Orff media, with photos of children at The SF School

Play, Sing and Dance Cover


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About Pentatonic Press

Pentatonic Press was formed by Doug Goodkin in 2004 with the following goals:

• To further the development of Orff Schulwerk through quality materials, ideas and processes grown from work with children of all ages. 

• To attend to the roots of quality music education while exploring new territory. 

• To provide a model of music and dance at the center of school curriculums, revealing their inherent connection with all subjects and their ability to cultivate community.

• To use music as a vehicle to reveal and cultivate each child’s remarkable potential as an artist, citizen and compassionate human being. 

• To offer full artistic control over the presentation of published material.

Pentatonic Press’s growing catalogue includes six published books and two CD’s. 

Upcoming projects include such diverse subjects as guidelines for effective teaching, , Ghanaian xylophone music, Ghanaian children’s games, Balinese music for children, jazz piano for all, pentatonic, modal and harmonic music from the world repertoire for children of all ages, a collection of songs for all occasions and more.